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Total Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Expertise

In the fast-paced working environment of your restaurant, being able to control fires is essential to the safety of you, your employees, your customers and your building. Working with high heat and grease can cause fires to break out suddenly and without warning. Having a working fire suppression system can help to prevent a lot of damage that fires can leave and also helps to keep everyone in the building safe.

A Sophisticated Method of Extinguishing Fires

At ProServe Fire Protection, we offer Ansul system installation, inspection, testing and maintenance services from trained and professional staff.

From Richmond, VA to Columbia, SC to Raleigh, NC and all areas in between, we’re ready to help you.

fire suppression system

Ensure Quality with Ansul Products & Equipment

These days, stoves and grills are designed to be able to reach much higher temperatures than they used to, and vegetable-based oils are more commonly used as well. Vegetable-based oils get considerably hotter than that of animal products and retain their heat for much longer. All of these factors play a huge part in why commercial kitchens nowadays can be a lot more dangerous than they used to be. The environment can make it easy for fires to break out.

At ProServe Fire Protection, we are committed to keeping your kitchen a safe environment.

During our inspections, if we find a problem with your Ansul equipment, we process it immediately, so that you can get a proposal and get back to your business as soon as possible. Our team of experts work quickly and efficiently, as your time and safety are most important to us.

Get 24-Hour Service

At ProServe Fire Protection, we offer 24/7 services to all of our customers.

Nothing is more important to us than your safety, and we are always available to reach if you have an emergency or any questions at 888-998-7772.