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Central Station Monitoring

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Monitoring For All Your Safety Systems In One Convenient Place

Your alarm systems are only as efficient as the central station monitoring them, which is why ProServe Fire Protection always provides the latest technology to ensure your central station and alarm systems are perfectly in sync. Our staff will ensure that your fire alarm, nurse call and access control systems reach their full potential by working around the clock to satisfy your needs.

Fire Alarm Systems Commercial Van

How We Do It

ProServe Fire will customize your central station set up to meet your facility’s specific needs. Depending on your business function, your central station can monitor your fire alarms, burglar alarms, nurse call and patient tracking system, plus much more. It can even be set up to monitor your elevators and control their activity during an emergency response situation.

Another great feature of central station monitoring is the ability to monitor several locations from one place. This is particularly useful for industrial complexes, healthcare campuses, chain stores and the like.

Keeping Your Business Safe & Secure

We are dedicated to installing a reliable central station system and providing central station monitoring that you can trust to protect your property and everyone in it. Call us at 888-988-7772 to get a quote today.