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In the healthcare industry, your nurse call and intercom systems are integral to your patients’ wellbeing. That why it’s important to select the right equipment for your needs. At ProServe Fire Protection, we customize top-of-the-line nurse call systems and intercom systems to meet your facility’s needs and ensure that they’re installed correctly for optimal function and reliability.

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The Features We Provide

Our state-of-the-art nurse call systems provide you with one master, one duty station and as many as 80 substations for every room in your facility. It also comes with single and dual jack bedside substations as well as multi-station capability per patient room so multiple people can use it at once.

Additionally, it has three types of call-ins from different substations:

  1. The routine call
  2. The bathroom call
  3. Cord-out trouble call

They also have a tone and blinking LED light to indicate whether or not it’s an emergency and a duty station for call annunciation placed in a separate area.

Choosing The Right System

Whatever you need an intercom or nurse call system for, we will ensure that yours is tailor-made to aid in the success of your operations and we will work around the clock to meet your expectations.

To find out more about how we can help you, call us at 888-998-7772 today.