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Special Hazard Systems

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Dry Chemical & Clean Agent Fire Protection Systems

Special hazard systems are among the most important fire protection methods, as they put out fires without using water.

When your property has sensitive assets that can’t be exposed to water, such as data centers, museums, records archives, etc., you need a fire suppression system that protects these assets without putting them at risk of damage.

ProServe Fire Protection is dedicated to ensuring that your valuable assets are protected with a custom-designed special hazard system within our NC, SC & VA service area.

sprinkler suppression

Various Methods & Systems

Depending on your industry and the specific special hazards your facilities present, we may recommend a number of options to protect your high-value assets. Your special hazard options include systems that:

  • Use inert gases
  • Clean agents
  • CO2
  • Foam and more to extinguish fires without the use of water

Special hazard systems are designed to protect your business assets from catastrophic loss as well as protect your employees from fire. This ensures your business operations won’t be significantly interrupted if a fire does occur. Our fire protection professionals will help you determine the best solution to protect your property.

Keep Your Assets Safe

Whatever assets you need to protect, we will design a tailor-made special hazard fire protection system to meet all your needs and provide you with 100% satisfaction.

To find out more about how we can help you safeguard your priceless items, contact us at 888-998-7772 today.